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Tools for Writing Effective and Robust Python Libraries

  Tools for Writing Effective and Robust Python Libraries Proper infrastructure ensures your python library always functions and is easy to read (Source: Will Norris) Introduction Packaging python software that has helped improve you or your team's workflow can be very beneficial to the greater Python community; it makes your software more robust and can also improve your ability to use it in house. However, without the proper infrastructure in place, your python package will likely either break over time or be too difficult for other users to use efficiently. Making your codebase public can also give you exposure to other great programmers working on similar problems; the more people using your code, the more likely it is to grow and improve. If you have ever helped beta test software for a colleague then you've seen first hand how quickly fresh eyes on a problem can accelerate development; the easier your software is for new users to try, and potentially integrate into their